Antioch Development Corporation

My FAM, Molding Minority Youth through Faith and Mentoring (formerly, Antioch Bridge the Gap), is a new programming area under our Youth Empowerment initiative that is currenlty under development. At inception, it will be an enrichment and mentoring program that creates the opportunity for minority at-risk youth to model minority professionals. The program design includes workshops from minority professionals, hands-on demonstrations, field trips, shadowing, and character development training, to name a few.

As Antioch Bridge the Gap, the following workshop-series' were conducted:

  • I Want to be a Doctor
  • I Want to be a Lawyer
  • I Want to be an Engineer
  • I Want to be a Teacher
  • I Want to be an Architect

My FAM targets African American males in the 6th grade, residing in the Fairfax community but is open to male 6th graders living in Greater Cleveland. The objective of the program is to provide long-term guidance and support to a concentrated group of at-risk, young men. The program aims to engage youth as early as middle school and develop sustainable relationships until they graduate from high school. This program serves as an enrichment component to the academic instruction they already receive in school.

My FAM seeks to:

  • Expand the aspirations of at-risk youth for professional careers
  • Help youth see opportunities for wealth development through career choices
  • Create a strong sense of community-responsibility in the neighborhoods in which participants reside
  • Aide in the overall character-development of at-risk young men
Bridge the Gap Program, Antioch Development Corporation