Top 5 Best Push Walk Behind Land Mowers

Husqvarna 5521P

When the grass on your front lawn needs to be trimmed to make it neat and picture perfect, there are only a few land mowers you can trust to deliver efficient and value-for-money mowing service. Many prefer push walk-behind land mowers to make sure that the job is done right while others choose riding mowers or mower bots. Walk behind mowers allow the grass to be cut efficiently from end to end without edge loss and also are usually very powerful. Whether you choose to mow the lawn in blistering heat or in pouring rain some of the best and the most efficient walk behind lawn mowers are listed below.

Here are the top 5 high quality ultimate/cheap powered push mower in 2015:
#1 Honda Model HRR2168VKA: Priced just under $400 this 160 cc Honda mower delivers best-in-class mowing and mulching. At 82 lbs, it is also one of the lightest mowers in this category. The HRR2168VKA has a cut width of 21 inches and mows with great cut-quality as fast as you can walk. It has an exterior on-off fuel valve to turn the fuel off when you are not using it and a wide fuel nozzle to easily refuel the mower. One of the best features in this model is that you do not have to add a separate piece of equipment for mulching. There is a lever you can flip to change your mowing settings to mulch and that’s it. Its huge bagging capacity, steady mowing on side-hills, and good maneuverability makes it the top choice for walk-behind lawn mowers.
#2 Husqvarna AWD: This 190 cc strong all-wheel drive is one of the best mowers available in the market. With adjustable handles and rubber-made soft-touch grips, four spring-loaded pins for height adjustment, and a wash-out cord, the AWD is filled with enhanced functionality. It has a cut-width of 21 inches and weighs about 91 lbs. This product delivers an outstanding quality of cut along with exceptional bagging, and can climb hills approaching 30 degrees very easily and stubbornly holds on to the side hills. For mulching you only need to separate the bag from the mower and it is ready. Priced at $499 and with a three-year warranty, the Husqvarna AWD is favorite among many.
#3 Troy Bilt TB210: Powered with a 190 cc engine and built on a lightweight structure, the TB210 provides superior speed and maneuverability. It is best for small to medium yards and has powerful side hill cutting, but no uphill trimming. It comes a with two lever height adjustment system and has a front wheel drive. Its cut width is 21 inches and weighs just 81 lbs. In the small and medium yard category the TB210 is a popular choice and being priced at just $280 it consistently features on the bestseller list for mowers.
#4 Toro Recycler 20332: The 20332 is another model that banks its reviews on fast cutting and easy maneuverability. Weighing just 79 lbs, this lightweight mower provides fast and good quality mowing. It has a mulch-mode lever flip that allows easy switching between bagging and mulching modes. The 190 cc engine promises powerful performance while the four lever height adjustment lever allows for level-variant cutting. Also, the 20332 (from $349) does excellent side hill and uphill cutting with superior cut-quality.
#5 Lawn-Boy 10606: Voted the best for small yards, the lawn-boy with its 149 cc rear wheel drive provides best-in-class quality cutting. With a cut-width of 20 inches and a shorter wheelbase the it provides excellent maneuverability without compromising on the width. Being lightweight, weighing only 79 lbs, owners can use the lawn-boy to mow their lawns pretty fast. Also, it provides good quality side and uphill cutting. Priced at $350 with all the bagging and mulching facilities, this 149 cc mower is by far the best mower available for small yards and grass patches.